Should you offer discounts for new signups?

Jan 21, 2019

Signup popups with discount coupons are commonly used in ecommerce stores to get new users. Does offering incentives to new signups increase conversions? Is this the right strategy for your ecommerce store? or should you just ask your users to subscribe to get alerts on new products, sales and promotions?

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Three reasons to use phone number signup

Jan 14, 2019

More and more companies have started using phone number for new signups, at least verification by phone number for new signups. Few of them such as Go-jek, Uber support only phone number signup. Does signup with phone number work well in ecommerce? Should your ecommerce store use it?

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Does your signup popups work equally well on mobile?

Jan 13, 2019

Signup popups have become a necessity for an online store to get new users. Often ecommerce sites show signup popup immediately after the user lands on their website. Does these traditional popups work equally well on mobile? Are your signup conversions on mobile comparable with signup conversions on desktop?

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